When Words Fail Because The Brain Hurts

I’ve got several disconnected thoughts going on today.

I don’t know how these things might end up connected. Maybe they won’t. Maybe you will have to connect them for me.

First, the COVID update. Every day we’re all doing a little bit better. That is definitely a win. I think of the battle the doctors, nurses, and patients are fighting every day in hospitals, and I can only feel very grateful not to be there. Mr. Hot Stuff is getting better, and so is Grandmama. She’s still really fighting the battle with an upset stomach, though. It just doesn’t want to let go.

My main problems are the persistent cough (shocker!) and the sinus inflammation. The sinus stuff is actually pretty brutal. It’s what has finally pushed me to the decision to call the doctor in the morning and see if I can get a video appointment. I have a hunch this isn’t going to clear out of my sinuses without help from some antibiotics and possibly some steroid assistance. Dr. Rebel made a recommendation for a supplement that might help, but apparently it’s in such high demand right now, no one can actually buy it, soooo.

On other topics:

I’m still floored by how many people have come forward, offering to help us in any way they can as we work our way through this sickness. People are honestly so good and amazing.

I’ve put some thoughts into this whole situation and how it’s played out, and I think the biggest factor in everything for us is that we didn’t hide our trouble or our need from the world. Specifically we were open with our friends, neighbors, and family and we came right out and said what we needed at different times. No one had to guess how they could help.

So, my biggest recommendation for the challenges of this time is to build the mental and emotional fortitude to be vulnerable and reach out when you need help or if you have specific help to offer.

I feel like I have deeper friendships than I had before, because of the way we’ve been served. Because of the way we’ve been served, I feel like I have a better sense of how to give meaningful service myself, and I look forward to taking that opportunity.

Also, tomorrow is my birthday. I’m not sure how much celebrating will be done in quarantine, but I am very grateful to continue having birthdays. There’s only one way to not get older and that’s if you’re dead. Bring on the birthdays! ❤️

But my head. Ow. The only way I can even describe this sensation is that it’s like crunchy worms crawling back and forth in the space between my brain and my skull. They pour out thick, mucousy waste that makes me cough. I know it sounds disgusting and grim. It actually is.

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