Gaining Some Good Ground Here

I’m hoping that soon I’ll be able to sleep in my own bed again! #givethanks

I’m getting a lot of these Bible memes from the YouVersion Bible app, which I highly recommend you look into, if you don’t already have it. It’s an excellent Bible study app.

I’m feeling greater and greater signs of life. I don’t know if the best remedy for this mess has been time, the zinc/quercetin combination, the brand switch in vitamin C, the herbal vermifuge I also started taking (please don’t ask for details on that), or all of the above. All I can say is that I have turned a corner and life is becoming less painful and I have a little more energy. For this I am extremely grateful.

I’m also still taking acetaminophen and caffeine occasionally (maybe once a day) because the sore throat and headache can still be harsh. I’m suspecting that the rash I’ve had in my mouth and throat is also present in my nose and sinuses. At least it feels that way. Putting a small amount of colloidal silver in my nasal wash has been very soothing, if not a cure.

Mr. Hot Stuff is gradually working his way through this disease process. I can hear it in his chest now, but he’s being diligent with his own medication and supplements, and I have every reason to think it’s just a matter of some time before he’s feeling better too. Thankfully he got his big project finished for work and can just rest this weekend.

This is the pose of the month for November.

Grandmama is doing her own fighting to win this battle and we fully expect her to win, in spite of the amount of misery it seems to be putting her through to get there.

Here’s irony: We ordered a new treadmill back in September and were told it wouldn’t ship until the first week of November, which was fine. We understand COVID demand and delays. The treadmill arrived two days after I got sick. Mr. Hot Stuff put it together (because he’s handy with that sort of thing) and tested it out once before he came down with the gamboo too. So we’ve got a brand-spanking new treadmill that we won’t be able to use until possibly December. 😂😢😂 At least we have heat in the gym shed, so when we can get back to our workouts, we won’t also freeze our lungs. But you know what? Really the only thing that actually matters to me at this point is getting to the time when we can all say, “HAH! We won 2020!!!”

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