The Joy Of A Good Night’s Sleep

When you find the right remedy, it’s like being kissed by heaven.

Yesterday, and the past several days, have been wreched from the standpoint of the cough I’ve been fighting. Last evening I reached a point of intense desperation. There has to be something in my arsenal of remedies that would help. So I dug around in my bins a little more and discovered a homeopathic remedy that I bought in preparation for dealing with this COVID eventuality, which I had forgotten about.

I took it right before I went to bed (or recliner, in actuality – I can’t sleep flat right now) and I conked out and didn’t wake up until 6:00am. Glory be. I felt like I’d been given a new lease on life, and some better functioning brain cells to go with it.

It helped me think more rationally about how I take my supplements. I generally don’t eat breakfast and postpone lunch until 1 or 2pm. But some of the supplements recommend taking them with food. What that means is I end up forgetting to take some of them at all, including the quercetin supplement that helps drive the zinc into the cells where it can do the work my body needs it to.

I stood at the kitchen sink this morning thinking about how complicated it was having to take supplements with food, and went, “Wait a second. If all of this would be easier to manage with some food, then just eat food! Eating three meals a day when you have COVID is not the worst thing ever.” Hahahaha!! DUH!

NOW I feel like some things are shifting. The cough is less severe and more productive, and my lungs are much less painful. I am so grateful.

An hour after waking up, I also developed a severe headache. Which has been pretty unrelenting ever since. Tylenol has barely taken the edge off. Even so, I am so happy about the relief of the cough. Someday all this will have an end. And just now I remembered – I get headaches like this when I’ve taken guaifenison for too long. Utterly brutal.

I watched this message this morning and it gave me a lot of hope. Maybe it will bring you hope as well. #givethanks

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