What’s That Smell?

Beats me, I can’t smell anything.

I’m feeling better today mostly. Not so much dizziness. But sometime in the last two days I’ve mostly lost my sense of smell. I’m grateful I can still taste (for the most part), but I almost burned dinner last night because I couldn’t smell it, and I think that milk in the fridge might be off.

With this, at least, I am feeling like, “Seriously, COVID, I’ve played this game before, I thought you were supposed to be novel?”

This bread just came out of the oven. If I stretch my imagination really hard, I think I might be able to smell it.

Mr. Hot Stuff is still pretty sick. Fever, small cough, red eyes. As far as his eyes go, it probably doesn’t help that he’s staring at a computer screen all day. It’s tough. He needs to rest, but there are huge projects he’s got to finish soon, because it impacts too much of the company’s future plans. I just keep praying for him.

Grandmama is still battling stomach problems related to COVID. As you can imagine it’s very discouraging for her. Her breathing seems to be improving, though, so that’s a win we’ll gladly take.

In other news, back a couple of weeks ago, we had twin grandbabies born, a boy and a girl. I haven’t met them in person yet (thanks, COVID), but they are wonderful and big, and healthy. Mama is having to recover without any help from me, but I think so far, so good.

I’m falling asleep as I write, so I’m taking it as a sign to stop. TTFN!


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