Frankly, This Sucks

Sorry to go negative on you here. You may want to skip this post.

I’m sick. This stupid, stinking disease won’t just settle down and leave already. My blood oxygen levels are all over the place and range anywhere between 95 and 85. It’s unpredictable and disconcerting. I can be going along alright and then, bam, suddenly I’m looking for a place to sit so I don’t pass out. Based on current results from my trusty glass thermometer, I do not have a fever anymore.

I still have some intense sinus congestion. It doesn’t affect my ability to breathe right now, but if I back off on the guaifenison (Mucinex), I pay the price in eventual pain. I think it’s also contributing to some of my dizziness.

Mr. Hot Stuff is sick now – fever, small cough. He’s currently got the space heater in his home office (the guest bedroom) cranked up, and is all bundled up in layers of clothes. He went in for a C19 test this morning. He’s also still working his full load, just doing it all from home.

Grandmama is dealing with a rebound of symptoms and feeling very sick and discouraged.

From what I’m hearing through the grapevine, there are a several people in my neighborhood who are currently fighting this covid battle as well. It makes me even more grateful to everyone who has been checking in with me to see if we need them to get anything from the store or other errands. Are they doing this for everyone? I sure hope that somehow the burden of all of this is being shared. I want to get better so I can be one who helps! Of course, it’s much easier to help people who don’t hide their need. I’m not secretive about this COVID thing, but I realize not everyone is as comfortable about sharing that sort of information.

Anyway. Just in case you are tired of the physical distancing requirements, and tired of wearing a mask, and tired of washing the masks, and tired of washing your hands every time you turn around, and tired of government and businesses requiring masks, and tired of not being allowed to have big gatherings, I can tell you something more tiring, and uncomfortable, and inconvenient than all those things. But why would anyone who is still sceptical believe me about that when they haven’t yet believed all the hospital health-care workers in the entire world?

Here is what I keep reminding myself:

In other news, our fridge is FULL. There is no way we’re going to starve here. I subscribed to a produce delivery service and obviously it’s going to take a while for me to understand how much is enough when I’m ordering. We might need to have a vegetarian Thanksgiving, just to empty out the fridge! 😂 Whose got room for a turkey?! Not me, that’s for sure. 😜

Is cranberry sauce good with cauliflower? 😁😏

This is ridiculous. We’re going to be making a lot of salad and vegetable curry in the next week! We’ve also got a couple of huge boxes of winter squash and beets from our garden!

Ms. Sassy and her kiddos came and bagged up the leaves on our front lawn this morning. That was a nice surprise! They’re the same ones who “heart-attacked” Our front door the other day. Rayray (almost 4yo) worked so hard putting on all those stickers! And she did such a great job this morning taking care of baby Hayhay while her mom was putting leaves in the bags.


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