Still Fighting – Fever, Cough, and Oxygen Drops

Another imagine I bumped into on social media.

This is my daily COVID update. Last night I finally realized/acknowledged that the stupid thermometer I’ve been using is a piece of garbage. I dug out an old-fashioned glass thermometer and used it instead. It confirmed what I thought. Still have a fever.

I’ve also noticed recently that talking very much makes me dizzy. I checked my blood oxygen levels and, yep, they’ve have been periodically tanking as well. It’s not constantly low, the numbers go back up fairly quickly when I settle down.

The cough is ever-present. I’m certain I did more coughing than sleeping last night.

I have to say, I’m ready to be done with this now. I’m sure all y’all are, too.

In other news, I finally found my cozy alpaca wool socks that Arctic Boy and the Artist gave me. It only took me three days to figure out where I’d stashed them. 🤪 But I found them at last, and now I want all things alpaca. These have got to be the softest fiber EVER.

I hope your day is beautiful. I hope I sleep through a large portion of it. 😉🤧😴

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