Maybe The Fever Broke

It would be great if our hot water line didn’t…

I sure hope this ends sometime soon. I’m tired of being in pain. The two constants of this COVID disease for me have been intense sinus pain and a horrible sore throat. Throw in the cough that started a couple days ago and it makes those things even worse. Thank heaven and drug manufacturers for acetaminophen (Tylenol). I try not to take it often, but I sure am grateful to have it as an option!

The fever that started a couple days ago with the cough seems to have relented, at least for now. I hope that lasts. That said, the sore throat seems to be raging even more today.

In other entertainment news, last week, when Grandmama was deep in the middle of her own COVID-19 experience, our hot water line sprang a leak. The timing of this was so ironic I had to laugh.

Mr. Hot Stuff: Who do you usually call for our plumbing repairs? Can you call them?

Me: We can’t let anyone come in this house right now. It would be terrible to expose them to this.

Mr. Hot Stuff: Oh, yeah COVID, huh? I forgot for a second.

So Mr. Hot Stuff tried to handyman the situation, knowing that he couldn’t go to the hardware store for the right supplies. We called Meigi and she and Moneyman went out and bought some FiberFix tape, because that fixes everything, right?

Maybe not. Especially if you can’t quite get the water all the way off so it stops spraying when you apply the FiberFix. Huh. At least now it’s a drip and not a fine mist spraying the whole room.

We stuck a big bucket under the drip, but we still had to make sure to empty it every 12 hours or so to keep it from overflowing.

Then Mr. Hot Stuff got genius. He rigged a cord for the water to follow all the way down to the drain in the floor. Sweet!

Don’t worry. The stain on the floor is from an old furnace that obviously had some real problems. We love the new furnace that we had installed a couple of years ago by Western Heating and Air Conditioning!

This is obviously only a very temporary solution, and I look forward to calling a plumber to fix it for real, but at least this way we can wait until we won’t contaminate other people with the current plague.

So many people have been helpful to us, offering to get groceries from the store or anything else we might need. Thank you seems inadequate to express our gratitude. But THANK YOU for your help and your prayers.

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