Eraser Bits In The Cracks Of The Pages

Sometimes I bite off more than I can chew. Like that time I said, “Maybe I’ll keep TWO scripture journals.” I knew there was a chance I wouldn’t be able to keep it up with both of them, but if you have the time, why not try? Now that I’m feeling better, and real life has come back into play, I have to make the choice, so the second journal is taking a backseat. It probably won’t disappear completely, but I can’t keep up with both.

This may mean that the journaling I do in the Book of Mormon might change a little, because I might write more of my own thoughts and ideas in it. Hopefully that will make it even better.

Aren’t my Valentine’s flowers lovely?

The writer’s conference was fun and exhausting. I completely forgot to post the last Book of Mormon journal pages for last week (2 Nephi 6-10) . I’ll post them here today, and also get started with this week’s study, 2 Nephi 11-25.


Seriously, Nephi, Jacob, and Jesus Christ (three witnesses) all say that the words of Isaiah are going to be key in helping the followers of God get through the last days, because they help us better understand the promises and covenants of God and our responsibilities under the covenant in order to receive those blessings. As well, they help us to better understand Jesus Christ and our relationship with him.

And then the curriculum planners give us only one week to study them. What message does this send? I know Isaiah’s writing is a challenge to understand, but most things worth achieving take effort. That is what I’m finding to be true with Isaiah – it’s worth the effort and the time to understand him better.

Suck it up, Heather, and trust God.

OK. Grumbling over. Hold your hat on, this week is going to be as fast as a bobsled ride as far as content goes. If you even care to zoom in on these photos, I hope you can read my tiny writing, and I hope maybe it helps someone else to understand Isaiah a little bit more.

As I turn through these pages, I keep finding annoying eraser bits in the cracks of the pages, because a lot of times I go through on my first reading with a pencil and write my initial thoughts and questions, especially if I don’t have sticky notes with me. After that I go back with a pen and write what I thought or understood and erase the first notes, but it’s hard to get the little eraser bits out.

I think this is kind of like our efforts to repent of our sins and do better. We’d be a rather sloppy, crumbly mess if the Savior didn’t come along behind us and help clean up all the little and big bits in our lives that we can’t take care of on our own.

Why burnt toast, you ask? Because I got distracted with this blog post and forgot to pay attention to it. Good toast requires enough attention to the toaster settings that you don’t burn it. I’m sure there’s an analogy here, but I am going to post this before I figure it out. Otherwise I’ll burn the dinner.

My journaling might look like a lot of pages of scribbles, but with the Savior, it will work to be a good thing for me. I know God rewards desire and effort.

These pages are from 2 Nephi 6-10 (last week).

This next is from this week’s study, 2 Nephi 11-25. This is chapter 11 and part of 12.