This Week I Had Fun Failing

I’m too tired to do more than take a picture of my messy desk.

I knew this week was going to be a marathon for the Come Follow Me Book of Mormon Study, because it chunked all of the Isaiah chapters in the Book of Mormon into one week. 13 chapters in one week!

Well I didn’t get it done. I suppose you could call it a failure, since I made it up to 2 Nephi 23 and ran out of steam. Just as I decided to go to bed early last night, and get up early today to finish it, I received a text message that someone had gotten sick and they wondered if I could teach the six and seven-year-olds at church today. So I stayed up late instead, and figured out a lesson about those 13 chapters that might have a chance of meaning anything to a bunch of energetic kids.

We had a great time in the class today learning about walking in the path that Heavenly Father and Jesus want us to so we can learn to become like them – kind, honest, and listening to parents teachers and leaders who try to help us. It’s was a lot of fun teaching those kids. You could almost die from their wiggly cuteness. 😀

I am not sorry I didn’t get all the way done with this week’s chapters, because those kids were way more the thing. I can finish those chapters this week. Now, I definitely need to take a nap.

Here are the pages I got done.

These chapters are kind of a mess, but Isaiah is challenging and never straightforward, so I’m OK with that.