Today I Feel Loved, And I Hope You Do, Too

Happy Valentine’s day! I know this is a tough day for some people. I hope, if you are one of them, that today you take a chance to help someone else feel loved. Usually romantic love gets all the attention today, but I think it’s so important to realize that there are so many different kinds of love, and many different ways to show it.

Compassion is a way of showing love. I had someone almost drive right into the side of my car this morning when they were changing lanes. I was right next to them. If they had turned their head to look, they would have seen me. Or maybe it was one of those look-without-seeing moments. Have you ever had one of those? Anyway, it scared me so much and I really laid on the horn. I was afraid this person would total both of our cars, and maybe injure both of us.

I was in a frightened, judgemental state of mind, and shaking my head about it, when I had a mental nudge, you know the kind, when a voice-thought said, “Remember how you wanted help to not judge others? This is a good chance to practice that. No one was hurt. No damage was done. This is why I send angels. Imagine how frightened that other person feels right now. Give some grace here. Remember all the times I’ve saved you from your inattentive, stupid mistakes?”

Ha! Yes, I’ve definitely been on the causing side of stupid mistakes before, and given heartfelt thanks for what felt like divine intervention at those times.

Grace. This Valentine’s day, I’m grateful for the times people show love by giving grace.

Here are some of my Book of Mormon journal pages for today.