The Writer’s Conference I Almost Forgot To Wake Up For

This week is the Life the Universe and Everything Conference (LTUE). It’s not technically a writer’s conference. I think it’s more of a creator’s conference with a sci-fi and fantasy tone, because there are classes for illustrators, game creators, 3D creators, gamers, and writers. They even have a mini film festival!

I signed up for an add-on workshop this year, and if they hadn’t sent me an email reminder, I might not have shown up for it yesterday. Which would have been sad, because it was worth the extra money to learn some new aspects of story crafting. If you ever get a chance to take a writing class from Amy White, do it. You will walk out with your mind blown.

Today I went to classes on building a brand, self-publishing, and an interesting presentation on a unique plot structure that successful writers who are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints often use without even realizing it. That was eye-opening!

I also went to a class on the realistic portrayal of death in writing, and one on the distinction between murder, manslaughter, and self-defense. I really think they needed a law professor on the panel for that, or at least a paralegal with experience working in a prosecutor’s office, because there was a bunch of talking without a lot of substance. Still, for a conference staffed by volunteers, and with such a low price point I’m amazed at the overall quality of this conference and the caliber of people who come and donate their time to help others like me learn. I’ll be heading back tomorrow! 📝

I have been able to get some good time in for scripture journaling. I love Isaiah, because I think his writing is filled with so much hope and a sense of how magnificent God’s love for us is.