Wrapping Up The Week Playing With The Fairies And Grandchildren

This morning Mr. Hot Stuff reminded me about a note I made in my Book of Mormon a few years ago. I appreciated that, because I have been so occupied with the paper scriptures, that I sometimes forget to check the notes I’ve made in my electronic scriptures. I included it in my journal pages today, because the note consists of an important question that I need to think about. You’ll see. It’s at the end in the last picture.

I got to see more grandchildren today.

This cutie is a couple months older now.

This group has been keeping scarce this season, because of the new baby and all the sickness going around.

I didn’t take photos today because I was busy playing fairies with Princess Z, and they all had to fly over and under, and around to Alphabet’s house. Until Grandpa started making smoothies where they were needed to help.

I didn’t think I’d have much to write today. Ha! Joke’s on me!