What’s Your Wilderness? How Did You Find Mercy?

I was back at the doctor’s office again today. Continued medicine, but I think it’s helping, and if it helps me to continue to improve while on my vacation, THAT’S GOOD.

There is not enough room on the page for all the things there are to learn from Lehi’s Vision of the Tree of Life. There are so many symbols and ways to apply it to myself. I’m pretty sure I’ve been in the role of every person in this story. I hope I haven’t spent too much time as Laman and Lemuel.

More and more I realize that the outcome of this dream analogy depends heavily on how invested I am in developing a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Have I internalized his love, his teachings, and a desire to do what he has asked? Do I partake of his grace every day? Are these the things that are sweet to me above all others?

Or do I care too much what the rest of the world says? Would I rather dress fancy and mock people who have less money, education, or influence? Do I blame others for my hard times, or take credit for someone else’s success?

We get to choose. I get to choose. And so do you. There’s a lot resting on it.

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