When We Worry About Our Children, God Understands.

I got more work done today than I expected, but less than I’d hoped. Isn’t that such a common thing to happen?

It’s okay though, I got to spend some good time with this cutie!

She likes to play peek-a-boo, eat baby Puffs, and bang on things that make cool noises, like the drum pad, the toy xylophone, and my zafu (a meditation cushion) which is filled with buckwheat hulls and makes a cool shhshy noise when you hit it with a rhythm stick. Today she discovered the joy of banging the shaker eggs together. It’s so fun to watch babies make new discoveries. They get such an expression of delight on their faces.

So that was my fun distraction this afternoon.

Today in my study I gained a deeper appreciation for the risk and sacrifice of this little family that made it possible for us to have their story in the Book of Mormon. It required such a huge amount of courage, obedience, and faith in each other and in God’s plan and promises. What they did was HARD. I’m so blessed because of all they did. Also in this one there is a little more about our family’s experience in China.

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