Gospel Questions Strengthen Faith If We Ask In Faith

This is a view of St George, UT from the Red Hills Trail. The white building is the temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons).

Today as I was reading the Book of Mormon story about Alma, a father, giving moral correction and counsel to his son, Corianton, I was struck by the thought that Corianton had some serious questions about the prophesied coming of Jesus Christ, as well as about what happens after we die. Lots of us have questions about those things and it’s important to ask our questions. Sometimes we learn answers we never thought of before. Sometimes we ask and no one can give us a specific answer. But even if we don’t get an answer, the simple act of asking the questions we have can lead us to a place where we can realize that, at the very least, we are not alone in our questioning.

Questions are good. They are the only way to get answers, even if sometimes we don’t get the answer when we want it or how we want it. Asking questions can strengthen our faith in Jesus Christ.

“1 Now my son, here is somewhat more I would say unto thee; for I perceive that thy mind is worried concerning the resurrection of the dead.”

Alma 40:1 https://www.lds.org/scriptures/bofm/alma/40?verse=1&lang=eng#p1

I wonder if Corianton had gathered the nerve to ask his gospel questions before Alma had to discern them by the Spirit, if he might have had a more well-anchored testimony and been better able to withstand temptation and serve more faithfully as a missionary. Sometimes people are so afraid to ask their questions. It seems really important to give friends and family members opportunities and help them feel safe enough to ask.

Someday I look forward to being able to get answers to all my gospel questions. I know that I may never find them in this mortal life. Fortunately, I believe in the resurrection and that the answers will come. For some questions I know I just have to take the long view.

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