The Battle Is Real: My Inner Brat Rears Her Contrary Head

Sheeee’s baaaack…

Me: I’m at a great place in this book I’m working on. I love how the characters are developing. I’m so excited to write!

Inner Brat: Yeah, great for you. I want to read.

Me: Okay, how about we read a book about crafting great characters?

Inner Brat: No. I want candy novels. Sticky sweet romances.

Me: Ugh. They are all the same formula. We could lose some brain cells if we don’t step up the intellectual level of reading material pretty soon. You can’t just live off candy, you know.

Inner Brat: Give me a chance to disprove your hypothesis. Plus my use of the word hypothesis shows that we still have a sufficient number of healthy brain cells.

Me: I am pretty certain we have several neurons that could sue for damages.

Inner Brat: Let them try. Or you could give us a nice bowl of Alden’s vanilla ice cream with strawberries on it.

Me: Not happening. Sugar is your heroin.

Inner Brat: Then I get a candy romance novel, or five.

Me: Fine, Brat. You win this one. But I’m totally kicking your trash tomorrow.

Inner Brat: Give me a chance to disprove your hypothesis. Hahaha ha!

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