Full Cup, Running Over 

(Read and Follow the Directions)

This weekend was a big deal for members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It was the semi-annual General Conference where we get to hear from the general leadership of our church, some of whom we believe to be living apostles and prophets sent to help us better endure the challenges of our days. At my house the whole weekend is a big feast, both spiritually and physically.

This Conference, there was a lot of focus on how following God’s plan for our lives can bring us happiness and joy. One of the key ways they emphasized to experience joy, even in the middle of trials, was to focus on obedience and repentance.

Obedience is tricky sometimes, because I have to fight with my inner brat, who can be very willful at times. If I win the argument with my inner brat, and obey God’s counsels, then it doesn’t take very long, usually, for me to realize why His way was wisest.

But when I cave in to the inner brat, I almost immediately experience regret and remorse, and start beating myself up for giving in to temptation. It can be an overwhelming experience that steals my hope. That’s when it helps me to remember what our leaders have taught about repentance and becoming humble before God. Jesus makes me clean again and I can move forward with confidence and hope in his salvation.

That’s what I got from conference this weekend. It may not sound profoundly new, but I love having fresh encouragement.  The best thing is that I can read or listen to the talks again and again. I’m looking forward to doing that almost as much as I looked forward to watching and listening this past weekend. To me it feels like a chance to sit at the Savior’s feet and learn of him.

Click here to listen and learn for yourself what a living prophet and apostles are teaching about the Savior’s love for us and the joy that following him can bring to your life today.

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