True Endurance 

(Read and Follow the Directions)


This is long today. FYI

This part of the Book of Mormon is so painful to read. Alma and Amulek are arrested for preaching the word of God and speaking out about the corrupt judges and lawyers and those who supported them.

The people who believe in Christ and Alma and Amulek’s words are all rounded up and burned to death, including the children. All the records and scriptures of the church are burned as well, while Alma and Amulek are forced to watch. Did Amulek have to see his family burn with them? I can’t imagine the horror of this scene. Then Alma and Amulek are beaten and thrown back into prison where they are starved and beaten over and over by all of their accusers.

FINALLY, after all this, when their accusers have thoroughly and completely condemned themselves to the wrath of God through words and deeds, Alma and Amulek call upon the power of God to save them. The prison walls collapse and kill everyone inside, except Alma and Amulek, who walk out free.

Free, but not unscathed. Can you imagine the nightmares and the post-traumatic stress from this experience? This is truly sacrificing all for God.

Book of Mormon, Alma 14

20 And it came to pass that they departed and went their ways, but came again on the morrow; and the judge also smote them again on their cheeks. And many came forth also, and smote them, saying: Will ye stand again and judge this people, and condemn our law? If ye have such great power why do ye not deliver yourselves? 21 And many such things did they say unto them, gnashing their teeth upon them, and spitting upon them, and saying: How shall we look when we are damned? 22 And many such things, yea, all manner of such things did they say unto them; and thus they did mock them for many days. And they did withhold food from them that they might hunger, and water that they might thirst; and they also did take from them their clothes that they were naked; and thus they were bound with strong cords, and confined in prison.

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