Read and Follow: WOE vs. JOY

I was reading in the September 2016 New Era Magazine this morning and got a good laugh about this. Click on the link below for best viewing.
WOE vs. JOY: Pick the System That’s Right for You


The people respond to the teachings of King Benjamin — Book of Mormon, Mosiah 5:2,4

Our Father in Heaven has so often said that He will give us what we desire. Our choices reveal our true desires. If we desire joy, it will show in the choices we make.

2 Yea, we believe all the words which thou hast spoken unto us; and also, we know of their surety and truth, because of the Spirit of the Lord Omnipotent, which has wrought a mighty change in us, or in our hearts, that we have no more disposition to do evil, but to do good continually. 4 And it is the faith which we have had on the things which our king has spoken unto us that has brought us to this great knowledge, whereby we do rejoice with such exceedingly great joy.

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