Responding With Love When It Seems Undeserved


(Read and Follow the Directions)

Book of Mormon, Mosiah chapter 7, verses 7-8 & 13-14

King Mosiah’s emmisary, Ammon, has every reason to respond to King Limhi with anger. He came as a friend sent by King Mosiah (King Benjamin’s son) to inquire about the well-being of Limhi’s people and was immediately bound and imprisoned for two days! When Ammon and his companions are finally brought out of the prison, and taken before King Limhi, Ammon responds to the King’s anger with patience and kindness – charity. What an amazing leadership quality to have. Because of Ammon’s response, King Limhi responds with rejoicing and love. Limhi changed in an instant from having a heart at war, to a heart at peace and love. What a powerful example to me about how I can improve in my interactions with others.

7And behold, they met the king of the people who were in the land of Nephi, and in the land of Shilom; and they were surrounded by the king’s guard, and were taken, and were bound, and were committed to prison. 8 And it came to pass when they had been in prison two days they were again brought before the king, and their bands were loosed; and they stood before the king, and were permitted, or rather commanded, that they should answer the questions which he should ask them.
13 For I am assured that if ye had known me ye would not have suffered that I should have worn these bands. For I am Ammon, and am a descendant of Zarahemla, and have come up out of the land of Zarahemla to inquire concerning our brethren, whom Zeniff brought up out of that land. 14 And now, it came to pass that after Limhi had heard the words of Ammon, he was exceedingly glad, and said: Now, I know of a surety that my brethren who were in the land of Zarahemla are yet alive. And now, I will rejoice; and on the morrow I will cause that my people shall rejoice also.,8?lang=eng


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