Read and Follow the Directions

Prime Your Day with PrayerLife is an interesting thing. You can go along and along thinking you have it all figured out and then it throws you a curve-ball. Like getting sick or injured, or a loved one passing away, or you say something completely wrong and it comes across as rude and you offend people. Those are the times when you want a do-over button, or at least a way to erase the hurt.

At church, they tell you to pray and read your scriptures and life will go better. I always used to think I did those things and they helped a little, but nothing like a do-over button would have. Then one day I decided to get serious about it. I can’t really complain that I’m not getting the value I was promised, if I’m not consistently using the product, right? So a couple of years ago, I talked with a few friends and asked if they’d like to start a texting group to help us remember to pray and read scriptures or something uplifting EVERY DAY.  It’s been a SPLENDIFEROUS BLESSING. It’s not a do-over button, but somehow I feel steadier in the storms of life. Plus happier.

Happiness is the best pain reliever.

Each day we text a little (or big) message about something we read, and if we prayed that day. The results have been so great – it’s been over two years and we are still going strong. A side benefit is that our friendship with each other has deepened so that we can express our joys and sorrows when they come, and we now also have a set of Sister Prayer Warriors we can turn to when we need extra help. Just shoot out a text, and the prayers start ascending!

I’ve decided that it would be good for me to post my reading notes here as well, that it can be a scripture journal of sorts. Many of the posts will be done directly from my phone, and I don’t know how schmantzy that will work out, but it will certainly be the easiest way, and when it comes to daily consistency, easy is the name of the game.

So, that’s the that. I’ll post today’s reading notes later.

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