In the End of the Juice Thing

I left the saga of the 60 day Juice Experiment hanging. Sorry about that. Living life, you know.

I survived. I didn’t love it. I loved how juicing made me feel physically, but it has a way of turning you into a social outcast sometimes.

I learned:

  • I love veggie juice in the morning. I feel like I’ve been jump-started, and I actually stay satisfied until lunch time.
  • I don’t love cleaning the juicer, even though I’ve gotten fairly fast at it.
  • I hope to never do this again. But I love veggie juice in the morning. 😉
  • 60 days is a stinking long time.
  • I’m glad I did it. It was hard, but I learned again about the value of doing hard things.
  • I learned how quickly what I eat can affect my body.


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