Support to Keep Going

Ten minute blog post #4

Keep Going

Today was another writers group meeting for me. It’s so great to have cheerleaders who, at the same time, are honest about your work and sincere and knowledgeable about helping you improve, and who you can in turn help to improve. One of these days, I’ll actually give them something to read again. Won’t that be nice?

We talked about the importance of having a central story problem run through your novel and how the character’s resolution of their internal problem helps them resolve the external problem. As the conversation ebbed and flowed, I realized that in my 2016 NaNoWriMo book I have not yet given my main character (MC) a flaw or a secret. Well, she sort of has a secret, but she needs a flaw, so maybe tonight as I work on my daily writing word count, I can figure out what hers is.

I have a theme for the book, which just sort of appeared out of thin air for me, and got me all excited about the story. Now I realize that there’s a bunch of other stuff I need to work out, and it’s made me want to sit down and be quiet a little bit. That’s okay. It gives me plenty to write for the story. Otherwise it would be, “A princess is thrown out of her home. She gets helped by her godmother. She tries to go to a ball. She shows up late and soaking wet. People doubt who she is. She has to prove her value. She wins the prince, but isn’t sure she wants him. Her dad invites her to come back home, but she isn’t sure she wants that either. Maybe she’ll go to culinary school instead. The End.”

It might sound like it has the potential to be a good story, but the bones need some flesh on them for it to really become interesting. Anyway, talking about writing, and working on it regularly is fun and motivating, and helps me to remember to KEEP GOING.

“For all sad words of tongue and pen, The saddest are these, ‘It might have been’.”

–John Greenleaf Whittier


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