Three of a Kind, and a Pair – We Have a Full House

Ten Minute Blog Post #5

Well the daily blogs got thrown off a bit. Moving to a new house is my excuse. I know that for some people moving and writing is something that is not a big problem for them (I’ve heard all about how they have done it), but for me it’s very difficult to focus on writing when the rest of my life is in a jumble, and right now I feel like someone put all my belongings in a Yahtzee can and shook them up together. I’ve been sorting the results and discovered I have three sixes and a pair of fives (also known as a full house). Oh also the internet thing. I’m pleased to say that although we do not yet have internet service at our new house, I have learned how to make my phone a wireless hot spot so I can now post to the internet at least a little. Did I mention that I’m grateful for unlimited data on my phone plan? Well I am. Yay for technology!

Our new house is awesome, it feels huge, but mostly it’s just arranged differently and the ceilings are vast. Seriously, we could put up a basketball standard in our living room and play half-court ball. Out Cathedral Ceiling

The living room isn’t very big as far as floor space, but it will hold the sofa, loveseat, rocking chair and Christmas tree, which tree, now that I think about it, could be really big. Not quite Rockefeller size, but over ten feet. We won’t go that big though. I love the idea of a big tree, but I get exhausted at the thought of decorating it and taking it down. I suppose I could get some of that really fat ribbon and giant Christmas balls and get the job done pretty quickly though. We could even do a themed tree sometimes. Like, in two or three years, I can make it a cookie tree and hang cookies on it and then let the grandkids take big bites out of all the ones below four feet high. Of course, there is the Dog Factor, which says that any plans that involve food must necessarily involve them. Especially if the food is below four feet high, because that’s the go-zone for them as well. Hmm. I suppose I’ll have to think about it for a couple of years.

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  1. Looks great! Can’t wait to see more pictures as you go along. Miss you already. Felt the loss on the bench on Sunday. But all the best to you and yours in your new home and ward.


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