The Plumber’s Job

Some days there’s just no win until you call in a specialist. Turns out, the kitchen sink was a plumber’s job after all (and he just happened to be a man – surprise – What did I tell you?). I hate Drano, it’s scary, and I’m still recovering from the fumes. But the plumber was wonderful, and he sold me some magic bacteria powder, which, if I use as directed, will make it so I never have to call him to fix this problem again. Nick-the-Plumber, hero of my day. If you live in Utah and need plumbing help, I highly recommend Any Hour Services. Look for a coupon in your phone book or on their Facebook page. Sorry, Other Dudes who told me I’d have to wait until Friday for an appointment — You LOSE the hero contest.


(Nope, I don’t get paid for this. I just want to share the love.)

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