Good Morning from My Side of the World

Yay, snow!

Yesterday I woke up to a beautiful sight. It was snowing big fluffy flakes of snow and it was beautiful. It was still a fairly warm day, so when it hit the road and sidewalks it melted and we didn’t have much total accumulation.

Whoa! Snow!

This morning I woke up to a bigger beautiful sight. Almost eight inches of fluffy feathery snow (with a slick layer of ice from yesterday underneath). Some good Samaritan came by our house with a snowblower this morning and took care of most of our shoveling for us. I haven’t actually been outside yet to see whether Arctic Boy needs to take care of our driveway, but I’m pretty sure he will. I’ll send him out to check – I’m not going out there in my P.J’s. Looks like we’ll have a white Christmas.

Wow. Here’s the cool thing – Arctic Boy went out to take care of snow removal and I never had to say a word to him about it. 🙂

On with the day! Merry Christmas!

winner-winner, chicken dinner 🙂


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