Education in China- Dont ask for the Powerpoint (via Understanding China, One Blog at a Time)

I know some people laugh in disbelief when I say that in China, you have to be very careful what you say and to whom you say it and where you say it. I’m really not kidding. Even now, I am careful with this blog because Mr. Hot Stuff still has to do business there. Case in point:

I attended some law classes in China at one of the best law schools in the country. The professor for one class was candid and supplied poignant information, it was revealing and very useful to all of those in attendance. When we inquired about receiving a copy of the material- powerpoint, we were told that we could not. Supposedly the government had some of the professors under 'house arrest' for not clearing the informatin they provided wiht th … Read More

via Understanding China, One Blog at a Time

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  1. They laugh in disbelief as they cannot fathom much of what really goes on in China. I am sure that they do not want to believe that the US does business with a place that implements a system of ‘house arrests’, whereby people have no right of free passage. They are, in essence, prisoners in their own homes.They make go to work etc. but cannot attend special functions, like the Nobel Peace Prize ceremonies, for example. (…/18/liu-xiaobo-nobel-peace-prize-ceremony ) But if we acknowledge this fact, and the many other atrocities visited upon the great people of China, by the government, then we could not enjoy our Wal-mart shopping experience as much.
    I am happy that you have returned, hope your body can recuperate from all of the grit and grime you had to have ingested here. But also commend you on your blog and impartial reflections on being in this country.


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