Let’s Be About Carefully Raising Men

I knew I was doing my kids a favor by limiting media exposure and by encouraging my boys to participate in a rough-and-ready version of Boy Scouts. Quick-switch to the last year-and-a-half we’ve been in China surrounded by carefully manicured, purse-carrying men males, and our family has really had enough already of the nonsense mentioned below. As Dr. Laura says, “Be a man.” Please follow the link below to a great article.

A lie or error told often enough becomes the perceived truth (but not the truth). Political and religious leaders have capitalized that fact for millennia. The Earth is at the center of the universe and it’s flat and you’ll sail off the edge of it if you go too far in any direction. Bleeding someone with leeches will cure any ailment. Governments love and serve their people faithfully and flawlessly. And women want nice guys. Remember?

Yes, that lie has been told for decades. Look at what you see on television today. Stunningly beautiful women running around with hopeless wusses and acting like they’re “Studly Do-Right,” totally ignoring the fact that the guys are dressed sloppily, don’t project an ounce of intelligence, sense of humor, social skills, leadership skills, or most importantly, self-respect. They’re not even masculine; they’re girly-men, the kind most girls would like to take shopping, not take on any sort of romantic interlude, adventure, or sexual escapade.

Men are consistently shown as being sub-average, bumbling jackasses who can’t make a decision to save their life, and yet they still get the girl at the end of the show, and to beat it all, they cry for joy and thank her for the privilege of being seen with her. (I’m so sick of those commercials for Sonic restaurants making men look like idiots that I joined John Alanis long ago in boycotting Sonic, and wrote them a letter telling them so.)

via How to Program Your Very Own Wuss and Kill Your Relationship or Marriage « THE Man’s Blog for Great Relationship and Marriage Help.

winner-winner, chicken dinner 🙂

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  1. OMG this post rocks! Excellent! I need to reblog it, its so true on so many aspects and i thought i was the only one noticing it!!! I will miss your China rants!


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