The End of my China Shampoo Saga

So the shampoo and conditioner saga in China is nearly over for me, but for some of my friends it will continue on.

This is the stuff I was using. The experience was horrible.

Previously I had blogged about the hard water here drying out my hair and making it fall out or break easily. Then I was told to try Pantene shampoo and conditioner because it had worked well for some people. I would like to raise my hand and say, “No! It didn’t work for me!” This may be due to the version of it that I was using, but my hair ended up all caked and sticky after a couple of weeks using it. It was horrible and would never wash clean.

Finally in desperation to remove the disgusting gunk, I used dish soap on my hair. It didn’t do a thing. So then I tried using my handmade bar soap that I brought with me to China. This worked better than anything I have used on my hair since I came here. I had to lather up twice to get all the gunk out, but it got it out and after rinsing the soap out and then rinsing with vinegar and water, my hair felt softer than it has ever felt since we came to China.

I’m refusing to use shampoo or conditioner for the rest of our time here in China. Today I used my homemade bar soap again and rinsed with vinegar. I am so happy with the way it feels.

winner-winner, chicken dinner 🙂

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