Photos From Thanksgiving Weekend – Dinner, Park Lights, Circus

Thanksgiving dinner with friends and some good food - but not the stuffing.

Our Thanksgiving was great, though I really missed being home with family. Nice thing here though, the Western restaurants have discovered that Americans will Pay Big Money for a traditional Thanksgiving meal. We went to Danny’s Italian Restaurant for our dinner – I still can’t believe we actually shelled out 350 RMB ($50 U.S.) each for a meal in China.

On our way back to the subway stop we walked through a park that was all light up for the Asian Games.

The photo doesn't show it, but these lights are the coolest. I want to buy some to hang on my house in the U.S. at Christmas.

I wonder if they will keep it lit after the games are done it was so cool.

I can only imagine how awesome this would look without the heavy air pollution we've had lately. Beautiful!

The park also had a bunch of sidewalk hawkers, including a guy selling cotton candy.

The cotton candy man. Business was brisk.

Many Chinese do not have televisions in their homes, and so they have all been gathering at various jumbo TV’s that are put up at banks or other public places so they can watch their fill of the Asia Games

Gathering at the bank TV to watch the Games.

– at least the highlights from the CCTV Sports station.

The next day (Friday) we went to the Chimelong Amusement Park. It was also the second to last day of the Asian Games and we saw quite a few athletes there from Turkmenistan.

Turkmenistan athlete posing with a "statue" at the amusement park.

Mr. Hot Stuff finally got to ride the “Corkscrew Rollercoaster”.

The Corkscrew... When you get off there is a bench by a trash can. The bench has a sign that says "Seating for unwell persons."

This rollercoaster has 10 complete rotations, making it the current record-holder for most loops on a rollercoaster, and a real stomach-turner.

After the amusement park, we had the buffet dinner at the White Tiger Restaurant at the Chimelong Resort Hotel. That food was Delish – though I don’t recommend the sashimi… I wish we’d know about this restaurant a long time ago.

Our favorite circus diving friend, Lance.

THEN we went to the circus! It was good when we went a year ago, but this time it was AMAZING. If you are ever in Guangzhou and have the time, you’ve got to go to this circus. For that matter, make a day of it and hit the Chimelong Zoo, Amusement Park, Crockodile Park, or Water Park as well. They are all awesome.

winner-winner, chicken dinner 🙂



  1. Great photos. How was the rollercoaster, was it scary or just dizzying. Italian for T-giving, I guess the U$ 50 per head was your punishment. I wonder if Denny’s will ever come to China? Good photos and excellent blog. China will be a worse place without your insight.


    • The corkscrew and one other rollercoaster that has two high vertical drops and maybe 3 or 4 inversions in the park are pretty scary, which means that half of the Chinese who visit won’t go on them. Fine by me. Shorter lines.

      There was a great mix of Italian food and traditional Thanksgiving food at the restaurant. Best thing? No Chinese Food.


  2. The lights you said you would like to have for your USA house look like some lights you can buy at Rainbow Gardens—very, very, very expensive but beautiful. The ones we saw were white.


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