Gratitude Given Imperfectly Still Blesses My Life – Day 30

Today I’m thankful for all the rest of it. It’s been a month of giving thanks. Expressing gratitude for things which are obviously important and things which may seem trivial to some of you. There are so many things I didn’t express gratitude for on this blog. Little ordinary things, like shoes, and clothes, and pens, and notebooks. Big things like Jesus, and my whole family, and a house, and being debt-free. And today I made a new discovery about mercury poisoning and how to chelate that nasty stuff from the body, as well as a refresher on the symptom picture it creates. I look forward to being in the U.S. and having easier access to some of the supplements I want. It is obvious to me that China is not a great place to live if heavy metal toxicity is of concern to you. People here can boil water till the Yellow River stops flowing, it may kill microorganisms but it won’t get rid of lead or mercury (might vaporize the mercury so you breath it instead of drink it), or any other heavy metal or toxic chemical that may have been dumped into the water supply, so if you live here in China, please drink and cook with filtered water.

winner-winner, chicken dinner 🙂

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