YAY!!! I Won NaNoWriMo! Happy Dance!

Fifty thousand, seven hundred and thirty-five words! I WIN!!!!! 50735 – Happy Dance, Happy Dance. Yes, it ended up a chick lit romance. Yes, it has a disgustingly happy ending. Yes, it’s terrible in it’s current state. Yes, there’s some really good parts in it. No, you can’t read it until it’s been rewritten and edited, and edited, and rewritten, and edited, so don’t hold your breath because you’ll be dead before I get all that done if you do. Yes, I plan on having it printed no matter what the state of it is by the end of December. This effort wasn’t about perfect, it was about the process and the goal. I plan to have some tangible stuff to show for it. 🙂 No, you can’t read it after it’s printed unless I get it to a significantly less embarrassing state than it’s in right now. Even then, I’ll only have one copy soooo…. Hahaha! GO ME!!!!




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