The FCC Wants to be Your Big Brother

“President Obama’s Federal Communications Commission is obsessed with regulating the Internet.  They apparently won’t be stopped by common sense, courts of law, public opinion, or a resounding electoral defeat for big government policies.  They made it official last night at midnight when they announced the agenda for their December 21 meeting: the FCC is going to regulate the Internet.”

via » Congress Must Stop FCC’s Internet Regulations – Big Government.

I’m getting ready to leave a country with government controlled internet, just in time to find it introduced in my own country??? Words fail me at the moment.

winner-winner, chicken dinner :-/

One comment

  1. Yeah, what a crock of crap. You live in China and cant wait to get home, then see that back home they are acting like the same pin-headed dictators that we have to deal with here.


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