From Another Blog: The People of IKEA « Tech, Travel & Tuna

Beijing, China: The People of IKEA « Tech, Travel & Tuna.

You really should check out this guy’s post. It’s full of photos he took while visiting IKEA in Beijing. I could take a mazillion more just like it in Guangzhou, it’s just crazy. Another thing that the Chinese like to do at IKEA is do their own little mini photo shoots. I’ll bet the Chinese version of Facebook (whatever they call it here) is loaded with photos of people “at home” at IKEA.

I’ve only been to IKEA three times in my entire life and two of those times were here in China. It takes an hour and a half just to wind your way through that store, and I’m just not that big of a shopper. I’m meeting a group of people there tomorrow though. We won’t be going in, we’ll be getting on a bus to a city called Foshan. I’ll tell you all about it after my adventures there tomorrow.


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