It Was a Fantastic Day at Foshan City

Travelogue Alert!! If you hate wowee-golly travel posts, just skip these Foshan posts. I had a great time and might go on and on and on….

I just spent 12 hours on a day-trip to Foshan City. We saw and learned so much. I’ve been there before, but I don’t recommend the long and exhausting way we did it. This time I paid (quite a lot) for the “pretty pictures” version on a tour bus with an English-speaking guide and got a lot more out of it.

This trip was organized through the Guangzhou Women’s International Club (GWIC). We started out from the Guangzhou IKEA. There were 23 of us and only about 4 of us were from North America, so there was a lot of variety in companions. It was not a large bus and we pretty much filled it up.

I’m going to post in several parts:

  • Foshan Martial Arts: Lion Dance and Kung Fu (think Bruce Lee)
  • Foshan Ancestral Temple: Cantonese Opera, Temple, and Wing Chun Disciples Hall
  • Foshan Institute of Fancy Paper Cutting Handicrafts (Not the real name, I’ll fix it later.)
  • Foshan Pottery Street (Shopping!!) – I’ll have to resurrect some old photos for this, because I was too busy shopping to take many pictures today, but wait till you see the killing I made!

Now, on to the first round of photos.

winner-winner, chicken dinner 🙂

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