Foshan Martial Arts: Lion Dance and Kung Fu (think Bruce Lee)

Foshan City is the hometown and/or training place of Huang Fei Hong, Yip Man, and Bruce Lee. Our tour guide also mentioned something about Jet Li but I have forgotten the details there. If these names aren’t familiar to you, you’ve obviously led a deprived life and suffer from a lack of martial arts in your movie-viewing at least. May I suggest you remedy that? If you watch a few kung-fu movies, I guarantee you “Kung-Fu Panda” will be twice as funny.

We were treated to a kick-butt demonstration of kung-fu. Man-oh-man, I was never that good, even in my dreams.

We got to see two lion dance performances which were quite acrobatic in nature. (All pertinent photos will be posted at the end of this blog, with captions.) The Lion Dance originated in the south to give good luck for the harvest and drive away bad things like drought or flooding. It usually only has 2 very agile dancers, who are also proficient at kung-fu.

Here are the photos:

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That’s it for today’s posts, see you tomorrow for more!

winner-winner, chicken dinner 🙂

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