Awesomizing My Shirt – Yet Another Cultural Hurdle

I just got through “awesomizing” (my own word, like it?) a shirt that I have. It was one that I almost never wear because, though it’s a nice shirt, I just think it’s boring and it wrinkles too easily. I will iron wrinkly shirts if I think they are cool enough to go to the trouble or if I need them to match with some other part of an outfit. So back to my awesomized shirt. I got inspired by that stupid tablecloth that I think I’ll never get finished, and decided to take a break from it today, but I saw this shirt hanging in my closet just screaming for me to “fix” it. For some dumb reason this motivated me more than anything else has and I went on the hunt to buy some embroidery floss of my own (the stuff I’m using on the tablecloth isn’t mine). I confirmed a hunch I’ve had for a long time: You can’t buy embroidery floss all by itself here in the retail market. You can buy cross-stitch kits with all the colors pre-selected and measured out, but you can’t just buy the floss. No choosing your own colors and “coloring outside the lines”. It astonishes me once again how much the Chinese seem to need to be told what to do and how to do it. The solution that I came up with was to look through all the kits, find a big one with a pattern that had lots of different colors in tones that I liked, and just buy the whole kit. I figure the cost for the kit was still a little less than I would have paid for choosing all the embroidery floss at a store in the U.S.  I got it home and discovered that the floss is even cut to pre-measured lengths (for those who don’t know how long “too long” or “too short is I guess).

After an enjoyable time improving the shirt to suit me (I think. I might do more to it.), I had a thought register in my head. This shirt will no longer match the skirt I was thinking I could wear it with when I bought it. Fizzle. Oh well. I like it better this way. I’ll just have to figure out something else to wear with that skirt. Maybe. Maybe I don’t like the skirt well enough to worry about it. Maybe I could awesomize the skirt! hmm…

My Awesomized Shirt
See the clever stitching? I did that! No more boring shirt.

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  1. I think you did a great job!! I think you must learn to be creative while living in China (not that you weren’t already) and you are right about thinking outside of the box.



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