Enjoying the Night Ride Home

The press releases haven’t exaggerated. Guangzhou is pulling out all the stops for the Asia Games. Very happily, I get to enjoy the benefits of those efforts. Even the city buses have undergone refurbishment and clean-up. Many of the electronic destination signs on the buses have been put in both English and Chinese. That is a huge help.

I’ve mentioned wanting to go on a night cruise of the Pearl River. I’m posting a couple of photos to give you some idea why. Please keep in mind these were shot with my cell phone from a moving bus. It was one time when I’ve silently prayed for slow, heavy traffic, just so the bus would be still enough I could take some good pictures. The rainbow-lit tower is called “The Lady”. No one told us this until we had lived here for almost a year. Up to that point, we just called it “The Chinese Finger-Puzzle Tower”. It’s a significant landmark and very near to where we meet for church.

The Lady at night.
The Lady beautifully lit up in preparation for the big event.

"The Lady"

winner-winner, chicken dinner 🙂


  1. Wow! I think I like the Chinese finger puzzle name better though, see if you can get them to change that. Hee hee. I bet you are loving having a basic thing like signs in English! I don’t think anyone would understand that unless they have gone to a country where things are written with characters vs letters, sometime with letters you can get an idea of what the sign is implying………with characters –GOOD LUCK.
    Thanks for sharing. Supposed to snow on Monday!! The weather is that perfect cool crisp fall weather. Just made homeade choc. cake, it isn’t as sugary as a pre made cake mix which is just fine with me!
    Have a good evening!



    • Snow! The current temperature here is… hang on… 81 Degrees Fahrenheit and it feels so nice and cool! It is hard for me to imagine going back to the U.S. and snow.


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