Off With Her Head! – I Mean Hair…

It’s saying something about well, something, when you decide it’s safer to cut your own hair than it is to go to a hair salon. I have not yet had my hair cut in China. I just would rather skip that experience. Asian hair is a much different texture than “Western” hair, as evidenced by the fact that when a Westerner goes to get a hair-cut here, everyone in the shop takes a turn coming over and touching your hair. Western hair also behaves differently when you cut it and that can affect the quality of the hair-cut. The biggest thing though that makes the experience even stranger is that they want to give you a leg massage, an arm massage, a neck massage, and a scalp massage as part of the whole experience. This makes a 15 minute haircut take about an hour-and-a-half. Miss S. didn’t seem to mind all this, but I’m just not comfortable with it.

So today I cut my hair. Not lots, but it was getting pretty long and heavy. I had Mr. J. make sure that it was straight in the back (how to make a 14 y.o. feel nervous, lol). Then I took the thinning scissors and hacked around a little to give the cut some “body” with a layering effect. Suddenly I realized something. Thinning my hair made it a lot lighter, duh, but also a lot less hot! Wish I’d thought of this about oh.. a year ago. Ah well. Comfort from here on out. And the haircut actually looks okay (though I’m sure my hairdresser in the U.S. will roll her eyes when she sees what I’ve done – too bad).

winner-winner, chicken dinner 🙂

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