Yea! He’s Back!

So we picked Mr. T up safely from the airport and the first thing he said was, "Chi fan ma?"  Which means "Do you have food?" We know we have the right guy, he eats everything you put in front of him.

  • While in Hong Kong, we ate at a Turkish food restaurant, a Macao restaurant (a cross between Portugese and Chinese food), a vegetarian Chinese food restaurant (my favorite), a "western style" sandwich shop (yum!), and a street-side seafood restaurant (very busy, very crowded, good food) at the night market.  
  • We went to see the largest bronze buddha statue in the world and the temple and monastery near it.  
  • We rode a double decker bus to the Hong Kong Art Museum.  They had a display about the history of  Canton, especially the Guangzhou area and I learned a TON.  It was great. 
  • We went to the LDS temple (yea!).  
  • We also went to the Hong Kong Museum of History and Culture.  This museum is VERY nice and we learned a lot about Hong Kong history and the people from this area of the world.  I want to take the other kids there, it’s a quite interesting place.  
  • We walked the night market and the Ladies’ Market and found a few interesting things there.
I’ll write more later, but I wanted to get a quick over-view down. 🙂

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