There and Back Again

Well I made it safely back to China, the only damage being that a package of tapioca broke open and spilled in my small suitcase.

It’s good to be back with this part of my family again, though it’s not so fun to be far from everyone else.
I landed in China yesterday morning, came home, changed clothes, went to church, came home, changed clothes again, shoved a little food into my mouth, and then we left to go to the ATL New Year’s party.  They had a “talent show” as part of it. Heaven save us from Simon Cowell ever showing up for that!  All of the management team was supposed to participate, so Mr. Hot Stuff had recruited the kids (and me) to sing a couple of camp songs.  We did “Fish and Chips and Vinegar” and “Juicy Moose”. We “requested” audience participation for the Juicy Moose chorus.  It was pretty fun.  The food was pretty good as long as you like Chinese food, which some of my kids don’t much.  Ah well that’s their problem.
Back to life in China (or at least trying to figure it out).


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