Three-ply Toilet Paper

I’m trying to avoid the obvious puns I could make about this.  It’s difficult but this is a family-friendly site (I hope) so I WILL resist. 😉  Apparently the standard for toilet paper here in China is three-ply tissue.  We have experimented with different brands and found that most of them don’t tear off very well where you want them to.  Two of the layers will tear cooperatively, but the third hangs stubbornly on to the roll.  If you feel that three-ply is wasteful, have fun trying to find anything here that’s only two-ply.  The  “Vinda” brand is nice, but suffers from the afore-mentioned tearing problem.  The “Face” brand (don’t think about it too hard, it’s a Chinese thing – don’t Google it either, there a lot of inuendo-loaded results) tears very cooperatively, so regarding toilet paper, I consider this discovery just one of the small tender mercies the Lord gives us.

Probably this is so completely irrelevant and dull to most of you that you are wondering, “Who blogs about toilet paper?”  All I can say is I’m not alone.  I did a quick Google search and got over three million hits.  In fact, I recently read that the Northern T.P. company has recently added a three-ply to their line-up.  Be forewarned – it is neither softer nor more convenient in my experience (I have no experience with Northern Co. just my three-ply experience in general).

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