Happy New Year!

Having Miss E here for Christmas was wonderful!  We went to the Chimelong Safari Park which is one of the best zoos in the world and quite near to us.  We also went to the circus and amusement park there.  As you can see from the photos, we had a good time there.  We also went to Hong Kong where we went to the night market and got some good deals.  Miss S scored on a purse and I saw an interesting picture of President Obama on a T-shirt.  Apparently the Chinese really like the current American president.  We went to the LDS temple the next morning and to a "western" market and then hurried to the train and bus to get home in time to get Miss E to the airport for her flight home.  In spite of fog here and snow in our hometown and the increased security levels due to the Christmas airplane bomb attempt, she made it home without any problems.

Our painted Christmas tree worked out well.  I just need to get a tube to store it in now.  
Tonight is New Year’s Eve (American style).  We plan to watch tv shows on yuku and dvd movies (Julie and Julia among others).
Happy New Year!!!

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