When I Visit the U.S. (not a comprehensive list or in order of importance)

  1. Buy medicine – Excedrin, Tylenol, Mucinex, Cold Med.
  2. Get my hair made a little less red.  Having hair color that evokes looks of suspicion and fear gets old really fast.
  3. Buy large-sized shoes.
  4. Buy long-sleeved shirts.
  5. Pack and bring back some craft supplies.
  6. Visit friends. (lunch anyone?)
  7. Visit family.
  8. Take Miss E. shopping for college.
  9. Eat pretzels and other salty snack food.
  10. Get CHOCOLATE.
  11. Bring back a potato masher.
  12. Buy wool socks, boot socks, and other socks for our big feet.
  13. Buy tall-sized pants. I could have them made here, but again, the language thing…
  14. Go to Costco.  What can I say, I just miss it.
  15. Go see New Moon. (I hear it’s dumb, but in for a dime, in for a dollar – who can stop mid-series?  One can only hope… Anybody want to come with me?)

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