Rare in China

I haven’t found underarm deodorant here.  It may be here, but I haven’t been able to see it. 
Hairspray is hard to find.  Spray gel, other types of hair stick-em, but hairspray in a working sprayer, not so much.
Large sized shoes.  If you have big feet buy your shoes before you come.  Buy your socks also.
Cold medicine.  It’s available here, you just don’t know if it’s counterfeit or not and it’s hard to ask for if you don’t speak the language.  There are Chinese herbal cold medicines available if you can communicate that you want it.
Mucinex – if you appreciate this medicine bring it with you.  No one here has ever heard of it.
Excedrin – the stuff with caffeine.  Maybe here but I haven’t seen it and I’m glad I brought it.  Other pain relievers may be available if you know how to ask.  I just brought it from home.
Herbal tea – it’s available but not easy to find or ask for unless you speak Chinese.  Check the pharmacies for the loose herbs and buy them in packets.  Hopefully you know how to ask for what you want.
Chocolate chips – sometimes these are available at the import stores.
Tampons – the only brand I’ve seen is O.B.
High quality insect repellent.  They have some and it works but the "serious" stuff they sell in the U.S. is not available here.  Many Chinese use an herbal variety (it looks like anyway).  I don’t know where to find it or how to ask for it.
Juice without added sugar is rare but available.  If the package doesn’t say 100% juice, it’s not.

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