Flower Fresh Milk Label

This milk has an interesting logo – a flying cow.

"Flower fresh milk 100% roots in large cow pasture. High level milk source promises the mellow taste and top quality.  Pasteurized production engineering preserves milk nutrition and albumen biological activity at its maximum. Greenness packing style insures milk fresh, decreases taste loss, and prolongs varieties of vitamins."

The government here is working hard to increase the consumption of milk by its citizens.  The belief is that it will help people to grow taller and stronger.  This is a hard sell because most of them are lactose intolerant and don’t like cows’ milk, so a lot of sweetened yogurt products are sold and advertising is heavy for all milk products (except cheese).  This label is an example of the persuasive sales techniques that are used.

I buy milk so that I can make plain, unsweetened yogurt, which is very hard to find here.  People here seem to dislike the taste of sour; they sweeten everything.  Don’t ever let anyone tell you that a sweet-tooth is unique to Americans.  This is the only place in the world I have ever heard of putting sugar on potato chips.  Blueberry Pringles anyone?

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