Stuff I Love About China

  • I love that a bus comes by our house every five minutes so there’s never much of a wait.
  • I love that I can buy fresh veggies for such a low price.  Generally I spend less than $10 a day for fresh veggies and fruit.
  • I buy two chickens for about $6.  I’m paying too much at this time because I still have to learn the best way to buy chicken.
  • I love that the neighborhood garbage is collected three to four times a day.
  • I love waking up to the sound of the neighborhood street sweeper.  She uses a reed broom and it makes a nice swish-swishing sound when she walks by.
  • I love the smile of the lady I buy my veggies from and she always gives me free green onions and cilantro.
  • I love that the people at the fruit stand always try to choose the best melon for me.
  • I love that so many people are willing to help me learn and do the things I need to.
  • I love mangosteens and I’m so glad we got here while they were still in season.
  • I love fresh papaya.
  • I love the "best-dressed-bottle-lady" who keeps trying to sneak on the bus with her big trash bag full of empty bottles.  I think there must be some mental-health issue there, which is sad, but part of me is just rooting for her to get past the driver’s notice.  She has a smile like Miss E. when she has just put one over on you.
  • I love that there is an "Alternative Medical Center" right next to the hospital.  Isn’t that a great concept?
  • I love watching three-on-three basketball tournaments played at night in the parking lot of the Shin Wa Chain Store and shopping mall.
  • I love the electric moped/scooters.
  • I love that my kids are afraid of cockroaches so they help clean up promptly right after dinner.
  • I love that the little houseplant I had back in the U.S. is a huge tree in my yard here.

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