Cooking Chicken

How to Cook a Chicken in China (when you don’t like the bones all hacked up with the meat):

1- After you buy the chicken (a separate adventure), take it home and place it in the sink and rinse well.
2- While rinsing, check for and remove any feather remnants.
3- Cut off the head and neck. (I have a pair of chicken shears I use for this.)
4- Cut off the lower legs and feet.  (Some people say they give the broth extra flavor, but I don’t want to cut them off when the chicken is hot and I can’t put it on the table while the feet are still on and have anyone who will eat the food then.)
5- Place in a pot with three or four cloves of garlic, salt, and some water.
6- Turn the heat on and cook for about 45 minutes.
7- Serve on a platter or tray. Delish!

The chickens here are much smaller than the hormone-hugified ones in the U.S.  Usually I have to cook two to feed our family of five. (Miss E., Miss B., and Mr. T., you count, but I’m not cooking your food so…)  They have a much better flavor than in the U.S. and the breast meat is nice and moist when prepared right.

We have found "the good" mayonnaise (ie: not sweet), so we had sandwiches tonight.  Very tasty.

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