Friends Are a Lifeline

I noticed that my last blog entry is dated Aug. 20, but I mentioned it being Pres. Monson’s birthday.  Just a reminder:  I haven’t changed the clock on my computer.  This makes it easier for us to know what time it is back in the U.S. where our friends and family are.  I’m still getting the hang of using Skype to make phone calls (it goes slowly for me with no microphone on my computer). 

Wednesday was the first ever (though informal) general meeting of the Beijing International District of the LDS Church.  It was held by teleconference and was listened to by international members (not Chinese Nationals) in branches all over China.  It was nice to be a part of church history in the making.  Elder Costa and Elder Cook and their wives spoke to us.  Elder Cook left us with an apostolic blessing which really touched my heart and was an sustaining of prayers that I have been sending heavenward lately.

Saturday was our Branch temple trip to Hong Kong.  I don’t know of anyone else in our branch who went, but we made a valient attempt, not completely in vain.  We had some challenges when we got off the bus in the middle of a city and not really knowing which way to go, but we figured it out thanks to Mr. Hot Stuff’s previous Hong Kong trips.  I must admit I was wearing a blister on my foot and my attitude after we had been walking in the heat for a few blocks. (Not very pioneer-like, eh?)  We arrived at the temple too late to do any sessions but the girls were able to do some baptisms-for-the-dead.  (If you have questions about this, go to  Mr. J. has misplaced his recommend, so he got to do some homework while we waited.  In the waiting room, we met a large group of Young Single Adults who are in China with ILP.  It was fun to talk to them.  They had just arrived in the country twenty-four hours earlier.  So, in the end, we didn’t get to do much “work” but we learned a lot and will do better next time.

Sunday after church we were invited to dinner with another family.  This was really nice.  The food was delicious and the friendship was even better.  Later that evening, we went to a “Welcome home” open house at our branch president’s home.  His son just got off a mission to Canada.  It was a really nice chance to visit with people and get to know them better.  It’s amazing what a dose of friendship can do for your outlook on life.

Today, Miss M. and I plan to go with some friends to “METRO” – a large Costco-syle store that is a spin-off of a Brittish store, I understand.  Our friend who drives, said she’d call this morning, but I haven’t heard from her and haven’t been able to get hold of her, so I hope it’s still a plan.

I was digging through my media files today for something to listen to and found Hilary Weeks.  Her music has been a life-line to me all summer.  Once again, when the need is there, I get the blessing.  I’m so grateful for people who are willing to put in the work to develop their talents and share them to bless the lives of others.  This music reminds me of BYU Women’s Conference.  I wonder if I can use one of my company-paid trips back to the U.S. to attend that again in May.  That would be so wonderful!

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