Do Something Nice For Somebody Else

Today is President Monson’s birthday and so before the kids left for school this morning, I urged them to do something nice for somebody else.  I wondered what the day would hold for each of us in the way of opportunities to act on this.  Fifteen minutes after the kids left, I got a call from Miss S.  that "Friend M." down the street didn’t answer her door that morning and missed the shuttle to the school bus stop.  I called her mom (she is a teacher at my kids’ school) and told her what happened, then dashed into some jeans and t-shirt to go over and wake M. up.  The poor girl was sound asleep.  She hurried and we tried to make it to the school bus, but didn’t get there in time.  We called her mom and she arranged for a driver to come take M. to school.  We waited and waited.  Finally, 40 minutes later, the driver found us and we got her off to school.  What a rough way for a kid to start the day.  I hope the rest of it goes better.

Today I hope to buy some wheat.  Maybe I can use some to make a chocolate cake in honor of the birthday.  It won’t be frosted, but my kids tend to not like frosting anyway.

Stuff I need to do today:
-Sweep/dust mop
-Sweep the outside path
-Pull some weeds (I never thought I’d live somewhere that ferns were weeds!)
-Shop for food (these refrigerators are so small!)
-Study Chinese
-Help Miss M. figure out a school plan


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